Alex Sterling

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Unexpected Partnerships in the Industry

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts and curious minds! Alex Sterling here, your trusted guide through the intricate tapestry of the sex doll universe. Today, we embark on

Industry News

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Industry

Greetings, fellow explorers of the synthetic companionship frontier! Alex Sterling is your trusted companion on this journey through the ever-evolving landscapes of intimacy and connection.

Legal & Ethical Discussions

Societal Views on Sex Dolls

In a world where the unconventional often faces scrutiny, the realm of lifelike companions has been no stranger to societal eyebrows raised in judgment. Historically,

Maintenance & Care

Bathing Your Doll Without Causing Damage

Bathing a doll might seem like a straightforward task. You’ve got water, some soap, and a willing silicone or TPE companion eager for a wash.

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