My Emotions and Decisions Behind Parting with My Doll

Hey there, doll enthusiasts! Dave Anderson here. Now, most of you already know the sheer joy a sex doll can bring into a man’s world. Ah, the allure of TPE skin, the intricacy of the skeletal structure, and the uncanny artistry—yeah, I’ve been there and felt that. I named my first doll Lisa, and we had a good run, a real connection. But then came the hard part: letting go.

Deciding to part ways with Lisa was like breaking up with a long-time girlfriend—minus the drama. The emotional ties you form with a synthetic partner aren’t superficial; they dig deep. But life’s circumstances change, and I had to navigate through a labyrinth of emotions before finally clicking that “Sell” button. I’m writing this to help you understand the roller coaster you might find yourself on if you decide to part with your silicone soulmate. Trust me, the feelings are real.

And if you’re thinking, “Why would anyone want to sell their doll?” you’re in for a journey today. There we go, the first section’s done and dusted. I look forward to diving deeper into this heartfelt subject with you all. Stick around!

From First Sight to Goodbye

Alright, fellas, brace yourselves! This journey isn’t just silicone and steel; it’s a mosaic of emotions—every shade you can think of. Let’s break it down.

You know how it is. The FedEx guy shows up; your heart’s pounding like you’ve got double amps cranking Metallica. You sign off that package and carefully lift your new companion out of the box. Ah, that moment—it feels like Christmas morning. Except this isn’t a bike or an Xbox; this is special.

The first caress

That’s right, the first touch. It’s a blend of surreal and real when your fingertips meet the TPE or silicone skin.

Those Eyes

Glass or acrylic, those peepers have a way of looking right into your soul, don’t they? The attention to detail the lifelike gaze, gets you hooked.

The Intimate Moments

Let’s not get X-rated here, but you know what I mean. The intimacy goes beyond just the sexual realm; it’s about companionship, folks.

From First Sight to Goodbye

Analyzing Costs and Benefits

Have you ever heard the phrase “emotional investment”? You better believe it’s real, especially regarding your synthetic companion.

  • You didn’t just buy a doll; you welcomed a partner. How much “Netflix and chill” have you enjoyed together? Bullet Emotional Support
  • They might not talk back, but those moments when you spilled your guts to your doll? That’s a shoulder to lean on, my friend.

Financial Investments: Cold, Hard Cash

The almighty dollar, am I right? Now, let’s get down to what you’ve invested in your latex lady or silicone stud.


  • Initial Purchase
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Storage Solutions

Exit Strategy: Your Doll’s Resale Value

  • Depreciation Woes: These dolls aren’t like wine; they don’t age well. So, the longer you keep her, the lower the resale value.
  • Finding a Buyer: Platforms like Dollforum can be a lifesaver, but it’s a game of patience and negotiation. A shoutout to Joe from Chicago for sealing the deal with me!

Alright, taking stock of all these factors ain’t easy. Your doll isn’t just a hunk of material; she’s an emotional and financial investment. And when it’s time to let go, ensure you’re ready financially and emotionally. Take a deep breath, weigh the pros and cons, and only then hit that “Sell” button.

The Parting Process

  • Emotional Unboxing
    • This is where you reverse what you did when she arrived—box up the emotional attachment. Remember, parting is all in the mind.
  • Announcing the Sale
    • Draft a post on your preferred platform. Be honest but not overly sentimental; you’re making a transaction, not writing a eulogy.

The Marketplace: Where to List Your Companion

  • List:
    • Dollforum
    • eBay (be cautious!)
    • Specialty Shops
    • Social Media Groups
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Cover Your Bases

  • Clearing the Air
    • Make sure to abide by the laws in your jurisdiction, folks. You don’t want Johnny Law knocking on your door.
  • Shipping 101
    • This can be tricky. We’re talking fragile cargo here. Packing materials is critical, and so is selecting a reputable shipping service.
  • Payment Methods
    • Cash is king, but other methods like PayPal or Wire Transfers have their perks in the digital world. Choose wisely.
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Whew, there you have it, gearheads! The emotional rollercoaster, the financial seesaw, and finally, the grand finale—kissing your silicone sweetheart goodbye. It’s been a helluva journey, but as they say, all good things must end. Letting go isn’t easy and doesn’t open the door to new experiences or even a new synthetic companion. Until next time, keep lovin’ and livin’. Cheers!

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